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U.S. Perspectives

Explore trends in U.S. economic growth and consumer retail spending.

Visa U.S. Economic Forecast

November 2023

The latest updated monthly forecast from the Visa Business and Economics team.

U.S. Regional Economic Outlook: Where is the slowdown?

August 2023

In the coming downturn, regions heavily dependent on certain industries could see less resilience than others.

Visa U.S. Regional Forecast

August 2023

The latest updated regional forecast data from the Visa Business and Economics team.

Travel Insights

Follow economic trends in travel and tourism.

Strong midyear global travel likely but destination mix may be changing

May 2023

Global travel has steadily increased through 2023, priming the summer travel season for further gains.

China’s reopening sets global travel on path to full recovery in 2023

March 2023

Three years after the World Health Organization designated COVID-19 a global pandemic, a full recovery is finally in sight for the global travel and tourism industry—the earliest and hardest-hit sector of the economy.

Global Perspectives

Actionable intelligence about the evolving global economy.

Access Tomorrow interview with Visa CEMEA economist, Mohamed Bardastani

November 2023

Mohamed explores the pivotal economic events of 2023 and his assessment of what's on the horizon for 2024.

Weekends are the new weekdays for restaurants, as remote work alters traffic to urban centers

June 2023

The rise of remote work is changing consumer spending patterns in major cities.

Canada’s solitary revolution: Rise of single-person households creates business opportunities

June 2023

With single people now accounting for one-third of Canadian households, merchants are tailoring products and services to this growing demographic.

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